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Our tools include how-to-guides, reports and white-papers that support the implementation of research and program evaluation efforts.

Potential Questionnaire Items for In-Person to Remote Courses

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, higher education institutions had to quickly convert in-person courses to remote courses. Understandably, the experience of students during this term may be quite unique. Many of the standard items included in end-of-course surveys may not be able to adequately capture these unique experiences. Provided in this document…

Partnership Rubric: A Tool for Measuring Industry Relationships

Many of the grant funded projects we provide evaluation services to have an objective to expand industry/college partnerships. Because of the lack of available instruments to measure changes in these relationships, we developed the Partnership Rubric. The Partnership Rubric was designed as a tool to quantify the…

Reporting Help: Calculating the Nearest Person Months

We periodically receive questions on evaluation, as well as related topics such as reporting issues. Here’s an exchange that we thought would be useful to a wider audience: Question: I’m working on my annual report for my National Science Foundation grant, and they are asking for personnel time spent in “person months.” How do I calculate this?…

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