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Our tools include how-to-guides, reports and white-papers that support the implementation of research and program evaluation efforts.

Using Social Network Analysis to Evaluate the Development of Professional Connectivity

The success of initiatives aimed at the development of a skilled technical workforce increasingly depends on the continual growth and strengthening of professional interpersonal connections such as those between education and industry professionals. Social network analysis (SNA) provides a useful methodology…

Potential Questionnaire Items for In-Person to Remote Courses

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, higher education institutions had to quickly convert in-person courses to remote courses. Understandably, the experience of students during this term may be quite unique. Many of the standard items included in end-of-course surveys may not be able to adequately capture these unique experiences. Provided in this document…

Partnership Rubric: A Tool for Measuring Industry Relationships

Many of the grant funded projects we provide evaluation services to have an objective to expand industry/college partnerships. Because of the lack of available instruments to measure changes in these relationships, we developed the Partnership Rubric. The Partnership Rubric was designed as a tool to quantify the…

Reporting Help: Calculating the Nearest Person Months

We periodically receive questions on evaluation, as well as related topics such as reporting issues. Here’s an exchange that we thought would be useful to a wider audience: Question: I’m working on my annual report for my National Science Foundation grant, and they are asking for personnel time spent in “person months.” How do I calculate this?…

A Step-By-Step Strategy for Writing Successful Annual Reports

This whitepaper was written by Tara Sheffer and colleagues at Columbus State Community College in an effort to develop and share a strategy for writing annual reports and navigating report requirements that are common to all ATE grants. Project team members should use the key success strategies…

Decoding the NSF Annual Report Template to Communicate Impact

This annotated version of the NSF Annual Report Template was created using excerpts from and provided to The Rucks Group to be shared as a potential resource for annual report writing. This document is intended for program officers, evaluators, and other project personnel to use as a guide for conceptualizing and developing your project’s annual report.

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