New Team, New Year

Although we say this every year, it is truly hard to believe that another year has passed. And while I’m still getting use to writing “2016,” I am particularly excited about this year. We will continue to work with lots of great clients and exciting projects some in new domains.

To continue to realize our core values concerning the quality of our services and products, we have expanded our team to bring in new talents and expertise to the firm. In October of last year, we welcomed two new employees: Jeremy Schwob and AnnaBeth Fish.  Jeremy Schwob joins our team as a Research and Evaluation Associate. Jeremy is finishing his master’s at the University of Dayton (UD) in Clinical Psychology, which he expects to earn in Spring 2016. Jeremy completed his undergraduate degree at UD, where he received a BA in Psychology. Jeremy is analytical and really enjoys working with data.

AnnaBeth Fish is our Administrative Assistant. AnnaBeth has an MA in Organizational Communication from Ball State University, and a BA in Communication Studies from Hollins University. She helps the firm in many ways, including calendar management, maintaining our website, general office administration, and completing the notorious “other tasks not specified.”

In addition to welcoming new individuals, we’ve also expanded the roles of existing team members. Joe Williams joined The Rucks Group as an intern in May 2015. After completing his internship he stayed on with us, working a few hours per week during the fall 2015. He is graduating a semester early with a BA in psychology, and will work nearly full-time in 2016 until matriculating to graduate school in the fall.

Carla Clasen, who serves as a sub-contractor, still works closely with the firm. In 2016, she her work will begin to focus more on our projects within the public health area. As many of you may recall, Carla worked as an evaluator within public health for nearly 20 years.

If you’d like more information about any of our team members or the firm itself, be sure to check out the About page on our website.

As we move into this year, we will continue to develop and attract the best talent to be able to optimally provide research and evaluation expertise to our clients and projects.