Example of Columbus State Community College Pivoting to a Virtual Career Fair

We are all deeply aware of the need to “pivot” in these ever-evolving times. Determining the best strategy for how to change directions appropriately can be challenging. We learned about this excellent example of pivoting from an in-person career fair to a virtual one through our work with Columbus State Community College. With their permission, we share this resource, including the language used for disseminating information with our audience.


Hello Educator Friends!

We are functioning in a new norm. This means new approaches to education and new opportunities for your students’ futures. As a result of COVID-19, education is quickly transitioning to the virtual arena. This means exploring new approaches to traditional education opportunities such as career fairs, college visits, and classroom presentations. In the wake of this pandemic, now more than ever, Central Ohio is primed for a different kind of worker, one that is equipped with the hands-on skills needed to succeed in STEM, Healthcare and Hospitality fields.

The attached “Virtual Career Fair” digital handbook, is meant to provide students and educators a resource for career exploration in an online space. Students now more than ever, have the capacity from home to explore future opportunities and begin setting a plan in motion. Specifically, this virtual career fair will explore STEM, Healthcare, and Hospitality career fields while highlighting corresponding experiential learning programs offered at Columbus State.

The digital handbook will guide students through a career exploration assessment, talk students through their results, and provide additional information about the following programs:

·       IT Flexible Apprenticeship

·       Modern Manufacturing Work-Study

·       Hospitality Management and Culinary Arts

·       Health Careers Opportunities

Within the handbook you will also find points of contact for educators who want to bring more information about these programs to their students, and contact information for students who want to talk directly with program coordinators. Are your students ready to take the next step to embrace all that Columbus State has to offer?

Admissions is Here to Support You!
At Columbus State, we never stop working to help you meet your educational and career goals – even from a distance. In response to COVID-19 and social distancing requirements, we’ve moved all admission, teaching and learning, and student support services to remote delivery. That means you can visit, apply, complete orientation, see your advisor and attend classes online, over the phone and through email.

We invite you to join us for our Virtual Events and One-on-One appointments with an Admissions Representative, which you can access without leaving your house. Visit our Admissions webpage for up-to-date information and to submit your application today.