Coffee Break Webinar: Now what? How to Use Evaluation Findings for Project Continuous Improvement

Thursday, Apri 16, 2:00pET – 2:30pET

You’ve won the grant and now you’re needing to do a program evaluation. There are two general mindsets towards this work: “proving” to demonstrate to funders what you’ve done or “improving” which addresses the proving by focusing the program evaluation on using the information from the program evaluation for project improvement. Having an improving mindset completely changes how you address the evaluation and reduces much of the angst around the evaluation. This complimentary webinar will provide insights into how to realize the true value of evaluation through the lens of continuous improvement. Time will be allotted to answer your unique questions.

  • Topics covered:
    • – Demonstrate the importance of implementing the program evaluation starting on Day 1 of the grant
    • – Introduce the concept of developmental evaluation and how it relates to the improving mindset
    • – Share best practices to rally a team to embrace the true value of evaluation